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Welcome to, where low cost help is available to Southern Baptist Evangelists for web hosting, web site design, FrontPage, RealAudio, and Adobe Acrobat (PDF).  Customer Satisfaction is more than a slogan at Eutychus, it is our greatest reward.  No charge to answer questions on subjects covered in this site.

Why the name Eutychus?

 Tools: Free or inexpensive "Must-Have" PC tools.   
Most are used & recommended by Eutychus.
 Free Stuff:
  • Free game written by Eutychus.  
  • How I lost 50 pounds sensibly and inexpensively.  
  • Steps for creating a FrontPage web site.
  • A RealAudio sermon entitled "The Flawed Wisdom of Ahithophel" by Rev. Dan Spencer: The tragic story of a great & respected man who allowed revenge for a terrible wrong to cost him his life.
  • A RealAudio sermon entitled "What's on God's Mind" by Dr. Jerry L. Spencer
  • Tech Tips (Need an FTP program, want an icon for your site? Reduce cached files in IE)
  • Windows Tips & Tricks.
 Services: FrontPage Web Design & Publishing for One-Price, plus Additional Services.
 Portfolio: Sites Designed by Eutychus.
 Thoughts: Thoughts and observations on life experiences.
 About: The real identity and background of Eutychus.


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